Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Cleaning House..

So tomorrow I close on my condo and I am extremely excited. But more importantly I am cleaning house. I have decided that as of yesterday I will not move any old baggage into my new home. In addition to the clothes I donated over the weekend and any other miscellaneous items I had in my apartment (yes I am a pack rat); I will rid myself of unhealthy relationships with men.

I am throwing away all momentums that I collected from various occasions with men. Not that it's been such a large number of people I've dealt with in the past six months, but I need to finally get rid of the things still lingering from the past. I am also doing some mental cleaning. I refuse to entertain the same men who are not providing any stable and positive elements to my state of being.

Some of the men I have been dealing with more recently were strictly for entertainment purposes on my end. But now the fun is over and I will not entertain bullshit any more. I will no longer entertain the ones who are looking to relive their youth through younger women. I am not interested in the man who wants to try to use me to fulfill his sexual voids or fantasies because the other woman he is dating isn't as open-minded. I will definitely not help any man validate his self worth or game, by hooking up with me when he knows he has a woman/wife or going through some type of "separation".

Yes, I am cleaning and packing all of my belongings and moving on to better things. I look forward to making this new space my home and I am making a point to not invite bad vibes in my new place. I live my life with no regrets ever for my actions. I simply learn and move on from all of my experiences. I don't fault anyone for the current state of my personal life. Men will only do what you allow them to do to you.

These men were great in their own unique ways. They are just not for me. For now I am way too busy for the stress and drama brought on by a confused man. I now have some packing to do.I am moving on mentally (right now) and moving physically tomorrow...

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